Needed Tools For Garment Pattern Making

For those who love to sew clothing and have experience with published patterns, the next logical step is doing your own garment pattern making. The ability to make patterns is a skill that is useful whether you simply sew for yourself for the enjoyment of the craft and to have tailored clothing that fits your shape perfectly, or you sew for others for enjoyment or income. It is essential if you desire to pursue a career in fashion design.

Garment pattern making often begins with creating a pattern from articles of clothing that you like and that fit you well. Once you have that basic pattern, variations of it can be created for entirely new designs with different necklines, sleeve types, pant or skirt lengths, etc. It can be done on paper to start, though many use inexpensive muslin cloth to baste into a prototype to try on to ensure proper fit. Beginning with that single customized pattern, an entire wardrobe can be designed.

There are many pattern making books, software programs, classes, and online courses available to help get you started. Regardless of where or how you learn the basic skills or improve your current skills, having the right tools for the job are a necessity. Having the right tools for the job in sewing and pattern making, like any other endeavor, will make the job easier and the end result will look and fit better.

Of course, you will need the basic sewing tools: quality scissors and pinking shears, snippers to cut thread and notch fabric, seam ripper, a variety of machine needles and hand-sewing needles, dressmaker pins, pin cushion, safety pins, and iron for pressing seams and darts. In addition, you will need to add a few more items. A tape measure is needed for accurate fittings. You will need curves to draw curved hips, hems, and other curved areas. To draw armholes and necklines, you will want a French curve.

To mark muslin and paper, you will need a tracing wheel and tracing paper. To transfer pattern markings, marking hem lines, and cutting bias, use chalk wheels and/or a water soluble marker, making sure to test the fabric to make sure the markings will come completely out. Clear gridded rulers will make it easy to add seam allowances.

Using “dot” paper will make your garment pattern making much easier than using unmarked paper, helping to keep your grainlines and angle accurate. Additionally, clear tape will be helpful for modifying patterns. With these basic tools, you are ready to begin creating your own patterns!

Designer Range of Dresses by Indian Garment Exporters

There has always been an upsurge in demand for Indian garments in the global fashion market. People from different countries all across the globe love to wear Indian garments in traditional or contemporary styles that best reflect the rich culture and heritage of the land. >

The Indian fashion industry has undergone drastic change over time and today there is no dearth of fashion in the country. This is mainly because of the increase in number of fashion designers who come up with latest and innovative designs that undeniably captivate the heart and mind of the beholder. The attractive repertoire is available in online and retail stores. When it comes to select the best range of dresses that can add unique style quotient to the wearer, shopping online becomes a very convenient option.

Indian readymade garment exporters offer a diverse assortment of formal and casual dresses. The styles and designs of such dresses are appreciated globally. Today Indian garment fashion has made a mark in the global fashion industry thereby gaining a strong market rapport over the years. Owing to the quality production of a great variety of fashionable outfits for all ages, there has been a ceaseless demand for the same in other countries and its impact can be felt in the unprecedented growth of garment and apparel production companies in India.

Indian garment exporters strive to cater to the global customer demands. They procure or manufacture best quality garments that are thoroughly tested for durability, shrinkage, color fastness, stitch and soft fabrics. They ensure that every consignment of garments to be exported abroad are totally seamless and can meet the taste and requirement of customers. The garment exporters from India make sure that the garments are designed and manufactured as per international standards. In addition to quality production of the gamut, they also check best packaging of the consignments so that there are no damages to the products during the transit process.

Fashion conscious men women and kids of different age groups who like to flaunt in style opt for Indian dresses. The designer collection can be availed at reasonable rates and add to one’s persona and style statement. Offered in different sizes, the range is also customized in adherence to the specific demands of clients.

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Environmental gradient garment enterprises in China basic standards – Clothing, Women,

October 2008, in Beijing as much about environmental issues, the two global meetings, first held in China and Denmark Climate Forum, which seeks to let the Chinese know how the current global warming have been serious, what should China take responsibility for what. Wal-Mart’s global vendor and then the holding of the General Assembly, the information brought by the retail area is already determined to contribute to change the current mode of production.

Content of these two meetings involving China’s textile Clothing Industry, in fact, as a pillar industry in China’s national economy, providing many jobs and there is more serious pollution of the textile and garment industry has become the focus of the discussion participants strongly one. Dan in the forum, experts from the developed markets, government officials and market players hope that the “Made in China” energy saving and emission reduction, the macro level, they hope that the Chinese textile and clothing enterprises to undertake certain environmental liabilities. In the Wal-Mart’s global vendor conference, historic downstream retail business initiated by the demands of environmental protection required apparel suppliers from China began to reach a certain environmental standards, standards seem very strict, as if Wal-Mart also “serious”. .

Time in less than a month, from a moral to the market’s own sky, for in China, issued a public frequently “stress signals”, hope that the Chinese textile and garment industry from the beginning to exercise environmental responsibility. Wal-Mart in particular, the green supply chain planning, its textile and garment industry to bring our message is very clear trend of global sustainable development, China’s environmental protection must be compliance. The role of trying to impose its will, China suppliers of environmental protection must be from the past “understanding phase” into “hard criteria” access stage.

Weak supervision Downstream terminal access threshold will undoubtedly set the textile and garment industry in China began to really take into account the direction and significance of sustainable development. When the main retail market began to favor green products, textile and service enterprises in China must meet the corresponding requirements.

In the past, China’s textile and garment industry with low production costs and achieved volume growth as the main production mode of the explosive growth in the process, the environmental pollution problems as the scale of the industry’s expansion has become increasingly prominent. As a result, the sustainable development of industry was frequently mentioned.

China Textile Economy Research Center Sun Huaibin said: “The textile industry in China now is a very important livelihood business, the industry will continue with the economic development of China’s development, so sustainability is an unavoidable problem . the problem which, our first concern is the coordination of resources, the second is environmental friendly, the third is social responsibility. In these three areas, the textile industry has done a lot of work. Our commitment to this industry sustainable development. ”

However, given China’s current economic development facing the reality, and the related regulatory measures ineffective, promote sustainable development in the first after a long period of time, including the Chinese textile and garment industry, including, in China’s environmental problems still very serious.

This, the NDRC Deputy Director of Department of Climate Change in Dan Li Liyan Climate Forum, told reporters that there monitoring the implementation of ineffective mainly by the imbalance of China’s regional development.

“Let’s talk about our national policy, and in his standards, and developed countries, and compatible with European standards, aspects of both. How specific implementation like? Government’s regulatory capacity be? This is a great question . “Li Liyan,” China, after all, unlike in many countries, particularly developed countries are different. with national conditions than developed countries, our biggest difference is that our country is very uneven regional development. we can not apply a policy in all areas. So in the course of implementation there are always some fluctuations and gaps. not without this mechanism, the mechanism is difficult to implement. ”

A result, the current view, the sustainable development of China’s textile and garment industry is not without standards or criteria are not stringent enough problems, more problems is the implementation level.

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Garment Rack

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Textile and garment enterprises to rural areas where the hope – Light Makeup Mirror Manufacturer

Wants the state to introduce specific policies to support industry is not reality. So, for the suffering of foreign demand for the textile and garment industry, “actively expand domestic demand, open up the rural market,” where is the hope?

HC screen Special Indian network Home Appliances “Going down”, and Car “Going down”, and Textile Clothing Is not able to catch the express train of the policy, but also “to the countryside” to pull a “domestic”? Recently, information from the Ministry of Industry and a message so wistfully of the textile and garment enterprises have lost hope: “Textile countryside” non-existent.nt.

Seems, wants the state to formulate specific policies to support industry is not reality. So, for the suffering of foreign demand for textile and garment industry, “actively expand domestic demand, developing the rural market,” like where?

We know, a necessary factor in driving consumption, one means to spend, and second, it was consumption. Therefore, to boost rural consumption market, first of all make up the rural economy, increase farmer income, and have spending power and desire. Industry optimistic estimate: has more than 800 million people of rural markets is one of many vendors, “gold”, the rural market contains nearly 800 billion yuan of domestic clothing size. From the 2008 data, annual clothing expenditure of urban residents 1,000 yuan in rural areas less than 200 yuan, the equivalent of town about 1 / 5.

How to increase the income of peasants? This is related to the era of China’s economic prospects proposition. Only from the textile and garment industry of view, as low-tech, labor-intensive, farmers have become the first people’s livelihood and employment of workers living industry in Financial Crisis, some local enterprises have been closed down, workers unemployment, the Government and the community need attention. Not only to solve the textile and apparel industry employment of migrant workers, but also to consider further help companies ride out the storm, workers increase the income. Then pushed a little talk, all the economic and social impact of migrant income barriers, such as unequal pay for equal, children education and obstacles, the household registration system of discrimination, lack of social security, etc., they should consider gradually resolved, so that migrant workers to become real industrial workers .

However, we have to face another problem is that, if the income of farmers working in urban areas has significantly increased, but by those “city people” how to expand the rural market clothing consumption? Statistics show that China’s rural economy in recent years, the bulk of income is the wages of migrant farmers income. These workers just a small part of their income back to rural areas, and more income in the urban consumption. This phenomenon shows that the income of migrant workers into the city alone to expand the rural market is not realistic. Accelerating urbanization, so that more farmers to become city people, their consumption will only be fully aroused.

Perhaps see the problem, committee member of the State Council Development Research Center, Research Department of Rural Economy Han Jun said that China’s rural population will be 30 years from now reduced to 400 000 000 900 000 000. Rural population into cities will bring a new outbreak of urban population growth. This year’s “One File” highlighted “to relax the restrictions on small and medium cities and towns in residence” to promote “the transfer of qualified agricultural employment and the population gradually settled in the town”, that our commitment to the implementation of urban development. Transfer of ownership of the Household is an important step in rural, urban and rural population, restrict the free flow of barriers to be broken, will change the economic structure, bringing a broader space for development, speed up upgrading the quality of our economy.

The Central Financial Work Leading Group Office of the Deputy Director of the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office of the Deputy Director Tang Renjian also pointed out that this year, the central in the “Document” for the first time clearly stated, “the new generation of migrant workers” concept, calling for “take a targeted measures from the new generation of migrant workers make efforts to solve the problem. ” “New generation of migrant workers,” mainly refers to the 80, 90 after the workers, the group was out of the 150 million migrant workers working in about 60%, about 1 million people.

Can imagine, the future of the rural population is the subject of these “new generation of migrant workers” and “new generation farmers”, and their spending power and consumption will determine whether China is a major factor to expand rural market. Transition to the fashion industry for being the textile and garment industry, they are wish.

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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