Ex Chainstore Clothing


For the high-fashion conscious, words like ex chainstore clothing and surplus stocks are undesirable words to be included in their vocabulary. These words frequently denote low quality and cheap price, things most avoided by persons of means. Unfortunately, not all of us are persons of means. Besides, they are mistaken in the belief that ex chainstore clothing and surplus stocks are of low quality by virtue of its low price. Indeed, with these types of clothing lines, quality is never compromised in favor of low price. Why is this so?

Well, ex chainstore clothing is simply the surplus stock of clothing manufacturers. When we say surplus stocks we mean the quantity produced or supplied in excess of the required demand. Surplus stocks usually come from cancelled orders, over makes, and late deliveries to original buyers like UKs high-end fashion stores. Clothing manufacturers must sell these surplus stocks in the name of good business; they must dispose of excess stocks to lessen inventory maintenance costs and to recoup its investments on the manufactured products. Since the investments are at a small fraction of the original price, clothing manufacturers can offer them to ex chainstore clothing wholesalers like Funk-Banana at reasonable discounts. When Funk-Banana then resells the ex chain store clothing to consumers, they can offer similarly low prices. And since Funk-Banana buys the surplus stocks in bulk directly from the clothing manufacturer, expensive middleman costs are also eliminated. This accounts for the low wholesale prices to consumers.

However, it is only the price that is the substantial difference between the originals and the ex chainstore clothing. The latter is still an original item in terms of quality and workmanship; ex chainstore clothing are identical twins to the original with a few exceptions. In all adults ex chainstore clothing, the original chainstore labels are either cut off, or permanently marked out, or removed. The only tags kept intact are the size, cloth content and care and washing instructions. However, all ex chainstore clothing for children like character clothing have their labels intact. This goes the same for branded ex chainstore clothing and sportswear. Again, original quality is preserved particularly as the surplus stocks are initially made to undergo quantity and quality inspection procedures before de-labeling; you are assured that any ex chainstore clothing you buy from Funk-Banana is of high quality.

Funk-Banana provides its buyers with practical choices in ex chainstore clothing for all seasons throughout the year, for all ages. They have ex chainstore Mens tops, Mens Jackets, Ladies tops, Ladies dresses, along with accessories such as sunglasses and many other branded ex chainstore clothing and for and adults. Funk-Banana also provides for regular price reductions and clearance sales, so you are also assured of bargain prices the whole year round. Though these are practical in terms of price, you can be sure that they have the prestige of being branded especially as ex chainstore clothing has easily recognizable styles and colours. If you do not flaunt the labels of your ex chainstore clothing, people would not know the difference and yet you will be complimented on your style.

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