New Waterproof Clothing


The first waterproof coat to be made in the world was the Macintosh coat. This process of making waterproof clothing started way back in 1823 when Charles Mackintosh came up with a method of spreading rubber onto cotton and hence the result was to produce a waterproof fabric. This was seen as the greatest achievement of the time but it had some shortfalls. The problem was in the smell and stiffness of the coat and the disposition to melt in hot weather. Through this method developed by Mackintosh, today we have several different types of waterproof products which each of them work in a different way.

A waterproof trouser is often a single nylon or plastic layer that is infused with a waterproofing substance for instance the laminate. Most of these trousers are lightweight and keep you dry even in deep of the waters but they are however noisy and some may have no space for breathing making the wearer to sweat. However, there has been the improvement in technology which is why there are tremendous changes taking place in the clothing industry. There has been the production of lightweight waterproof jacket by big names in the clothing industry like the Jack Murphy which are now waterproof, windproof and are even breathable. These jackets are ideal for everyday wear when you are out and about.

There is a waterproof material that is harder and tougher in the form of a classic Barbour wax jacket. Therefore if you are looking for tough and hard material this is the right choice for you. These classic Barbour jackets are extremely popular as they are the cheapest way of protecting yourself against water and other such things. Although these jackets are hard wearing and practical, the bad thing about them is that wax can rub off onto other clothing and they also have another disadvantage of being heavy and stiff. Others even say that they smell a little bit too. But the good thing is that wax clothing can easily be washed at the same time can be re-proofed with wax.

There are several types of alternative waterproof clothing that are available and that will suit all types of outdoor engagements. Shooting and hunting for instance require waterproof clothing and a quite fabric that is comfortable and do not inhibit your movement. Nowadays companies have device there own techniques for waterproofing their garments and offer them for sale like in the case with Deer-Tex in some Deerhunter coats and jackets. These trends are however the greatest improvement as they offer garments which are waterproof, lightweight, and breathable and windproof providing maximum comfort therefore the sports people can perform to their best.

Nowadays there are a number of other products that are available and anyone can apply to their clothing or any other such product that they may deem appropriate. For example in the case of water-based re-proofers that are created by Nikwax and their main purpose is to keep your products waterproof, breathable and windproof.