Samuels Jewelers


Over the last few years there has been a concerted effort by most customers to report their exact experiences with different businesses online in excruciating detail. The intention of most customers is to prevent others from enduring their negative experiences and to encourage people to buy from other places. The jewelry store industry has been hit particularly hard by this trend with jewelry store reviews being overwhelmingly negative. One store that has been affected by this is Samuels Jewelers Reviews.

Samuels Jewelers is one of the oldest jewelry retailers in the United States, having opened its doors as The House of Lucky Wedding Rings in San Francisco in 1891. Over the course of the following century, the company expanded until stores were present in every major city in the United States. Their online operation is a recent addition to their business. And, like all jewelry retailers, they aim to provide an experience online that is nearly identical to that which occurs in their stores, including only selling diamonds which are conflict-free.

One of the things that attracts numerous customers to Samuels is their 30 day return policy and their 180 days exchange policy, in which brand new items in excellent condition can be returned and either a full refund will be given or can be exchanged, depending on how long of a period of time has elapsed. In addition, they have delivery rates. However, if online customer reviews were to be used as the sole judge, Samuels Jewelers should have closed long ago and lost customers to competitors like Zales and Kays.

The vast majority of Samuels online store reviews are rather negative. The greatest criticisms are of their customer service, which apparently has dropped in quality since the original owner tried to return customers money for work they should not have been charged for and instead are quite rude and patronizing towards customers. The other major complaint is that salespeople try making additional sales by degrading their own products and occasionally ignore customers in the store. Smaller issues include diamonds falling out of their settings and some minor fitting issues.

However, all customers give Samuels Jewelers management team rave reviews. According to many customers they often do everything imaginable to please customers, including issuing refunds and reprimanding their employees for bad customer service. In addition, the quality of the jewelry, diamonds and other gemstones are generally high quality.