Silk Scarves – Stylish Ways Of Uses


Lovely ladies have always enjoyed wearing silk scarves for fashion. However, how many unusual ways to use your silk scarves do you know besides the common neck wearing? Here are some creative ways to use your silk scarves and you can develop your own ways to use them even better.

If you’re planning to spend time on the beach, you’ll need a bikini. If you would like an extra protection, you could think about silk scarves as a covering for the front upper body. You can get a better useful feature from the large square silk scarves. Take two neighboring ends and make a knot at the back of neck. These remaining two ends are joined at the back waist. Tuck the loose ends in to make alterations. You can dress like a fashion models on the beach, because the silk texture and rich designs give you a lot of choices. If you are brave enough to show your beautiful back, then you can only wear the large silk scarves.

Silk scarves may be used to tie a butterfly knot on your cap as well. To this scarf knot both large square silk scarves and long silk scarves can be applied. Surrounding a broad rimmed hat with a silk scarf can bring a plain hat to life. The silk scarf may be fastened like a butterfly on your headgear or the ends may even be left loose. You can have a completely different look from the silk scarf, even a common farmer hat. Both colorful scarves and plain scarves can be used to create a new fashion look.

Decorative belts are a big thing these days to complement the many low waist pants that people are wearing. Lengthier silk scarves as well as sequin-embellished silk scarves may be used as belt-type accessories. Moreover, the silk textural quality makes it appealing as fashion.

Accessories play a very important role in changing the look of the women. Tying a scarf on the handbag has become popular by following the trend of attaching a doll key ring on the handbags. Silk scarves are so versatile that some people like to tie them to their handbags or make fancy knots like a flower and sewed onto a canvas bag.

Women have been using scarves for 20 plus years to tie up their hair. Silk scarves have the better texture and more attractive patterns. Now the accessory has been changed to silk scarves. In addition to tie your horse tail hair, you can also twist the silk scarf with your hair together. This classical method will not be matched for all lively women.