Checklist For Making Handmade Jewelry


Making handmade beaded jewelry is a skilled craft which many artisans have enjoyed. Technological advances of bead construction and jewelry accessories help to make jewelry assembly easier. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy making their own beaded handmade jewelry into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pendants, and much more.

Here is a checklist for making handmade beaded jewelry:

1.Design and assemble your own unique design which meets your needs and requirements.
2.The jewelry design, style of beads, and color selection match your complexion and wardrobe colors.
3.It is the perfect gift for friends or family members.
4.Jewelry pieces are affordable and easy to create.
5.Duplicate worn out vintage or favorite pieces of beaded jewelry.
6.Repair and re-string necklaces, bracelets or earrings.
7.As a jewelry designer, you are able to create other unique pieces of jewelry or beadwork for special applications and situation.

How often do you and I need or spend hours shopping for special jewelry needed for a wedding occasion, a cocktail dress, a business promotional function and other types of special occasions?

It is sheer delight to be able to make a beaded necklace which fits the neckline of a new dress and to have matching beaded earrings which are just perfect. And it fits our budget.

Have you ever been in a bind to find the perfect gift for your best friend or favorite family member? When a loved one opens their gift and finds the perfect jewelry piece or accessory which she or he has been trying to locate they are absolutely ecstatic.

More pleasurable and exciting to them is to learn you made this beaded jewelry design as a gift. The fact you listened to what their heart wanted and to deliver their desires made with your skilled and talented hands is an added benefit which cannot be described. It is to be experienced.

One day that beautiful jewelry project which you designed and made with your hands may become an heirloom piece to be passed from generation to generation.

There are many more benefits which you will experience as you create custom made jewelry adornments of beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pendants, and many other handmade beaded accessories.