Help Make Your Costume Jewelry Business Succeed


In the current tough economy, cutting back on the arts is prevalent across the nation. Most people are forgoing the pleasure of attending theatrical plays and ballets, and even school budget cuts are at the foundation of art classes being stricken from school schedules. Costume jewelry businesses are also experiencing economic woes. This type of business faces competition from countless other companies, which means business owners must do everything they can to cut costs in order to get ahead. To ensure that your business remains a success, be sure to keep the following advice in mind.

To be able to stay competitive in the business world, it’s crucial to keep expenses down whenever possible. Many businesses downsize, let go, and outsource to pay less money. But a very small jewelry company may not have a large number of employees to lay off in the first place. If this describes the case for you, then you know that you need to use caution not to make mistakes when making orders through a wholesale company. Being attentive at all times for even the smallest things will make a difference, and making sure you that you have given your shipping address correctly when making orders is just one example. By not putting down the correct address, your package will be shipped to an incorrect address. This can cost you customers, time and possibly even money if the wholesale company can’t get the merchandise back easily and they need to ship to you once again.

Another charge to look out for is the returns charge. Many companies will charge you a restocking fee for all returns, unless the items arrived damaged or defective. There is often quite a bit of busy work you need to do to make a return, which wastes your valuable time. This often includes informing the supplier within a certain number of days and writing a detailed description of the reason for your return. When you run a small business, you simply lack time to waste on making mistakes, because mistakes takes away precious time from other tasks. You can avoid this charge by checking and rechecking your order to make sure the items and the quantities are what you really need.

One of the most important ways to reduce expenses is to choose a reputable wholesale costume jewelry retailer. There are lots of things you can consider when searching for different businesses to order from. More than likely, you understand that wholesale companies have strict return policies. But some companies misrepresent the items they sell through the photos they share on their websites, which can cost you time and money. Make sure to verify that the pictures found on each company’s Web site are taken by a high-quality digital camera, are not remastered or touched up in any way, and that they are reviewed for accuracy before placement on the site. This can help you to know that what you are selecting will be what you are getting.

In regards to this quality control, there is one element to be aware of. Each computer has customized color settings. This means that colors shown on your computer monitor might not exactly accurately match the colors the employee saw when they uploaded the photos to the wholesale website. So, it is not unusual that you will see the color differently than it looked to the wholesaler on their monitor, which can’t be helped and it isn’t the fault of the wholesale vendor.