Jeans Advertising Campaigns


Let us take a look at the most interesting advertising campaigns of custom made jeans brands.

Four TV spots of Live Unbuttoned advertising campaign by Levis created by advertising agency BBH London inspire with their own philosophy, understanding, completeness and fan viruses. Live unbuttoned is a campaign with Levis 501 jeans spirit. It is associated with unrestraint, freedom, disengagement and the opportunity of self-expression. And the process of jeans unbuttoning is a symbol of this spirit. It means that unbuttoning our custom jean we unbutton ourselves and break away from conventionalities and prohibitions. The advertising campaign presents the act of jeans unbuttoning as the act of self-expression and self-revealing.

John Anderson, president and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co says: We sell Levis jeans in 110 countries and we are jeans company number 1 in the world. This global campaign gives us a unique opportunity to let the new generation of people wearing tailored jeans know that original jeans 501, which are a quintessence of our company, are modern and reflect their lifestyle.

4 advertising TV spots illustrate the eternal insight of self-expression and riot. Two of them Unbreakable, visualizing a curious way of self-expression and First Time, in which a boy and a girl do something for the first time were created by the famous first line director of photography Fredrik Bond. Guitar spot created by Swedish director of photography Emil Mller shows the dialogue of the young man with his unusual inner voice. And the last TV spot called Secrets and Lies was created by Jeff Labbe and depicts a young man and a girl who are up to have sex but carry out a sincerity session admitting their lies and telling each other secrets. The soundtrack of the spots was written and performed by Genesis.

Besides, apart from virus and TV spots the campaign included printed advertising in Maxim, Details, Rolling Stone, Paper and Sport Illustrated magazines, as well as outdoor advertising and online spots.

Malaysian advertising agency Bates Asia offered its version of Mermaid story in Levis tailor made jeans advertisement. In this interpretation Mermaids wish to become legs appeared after she found jeans by Levis in the sea. After this she visits the sea witch and a happy-end follows, when Mermaid puts her desirable jeans on.

Anomaly advertising agency created an unusual campaign for Diesel jeans called Be stupid. Custom jeans made by Wrangler also had an interesting advertising campaign last year. The slogan We are animals for European and American markets was created and carried out by FFL Paris advertising agency. Refined aggression of the advertisements is concealed in the total confluence with nature, up to dissolution. The spot characters are quasi filmed by a careful camera of naturalist Steve Bloom, and instead of posing they hide themselves, fiddle around secretly, or, tailing away in the swamps, like alligators, seriously wait for something without any evident reason. Naked torsos and fashionable jeans are present, but the camera man fluently builds a communicative barrier young people from potential target audience do not invite to join them, they rather attract someone elses attention. You wish you might come there, into the wild, but it frightens you as well. As a result you desire it desperately. It seams that the work of French artists has its own smell. But this is not the smell of hot machos or sweet babes, it is rather a smell of cool and moistened earth, mysterious reality, where it is ridiculous to ask questions, why you have designer jeans on. Because you were born with them.