Tips On Taking Care Of Your Gold Pearl Earrings

Pearl Jewelry

Although they say that diamonds are a womans best friends, pearls have been their most faithful friends, loyal and dependable during ups and downs. Unlike diamonds, gold and platinum, pearls are easily affordable. They also look good no matter what the setting. They can carry off any look and any outfit. They are good for any occasion – party, funeral, business meeting or shopping spree. That is why consumers love pearls and pearl jewelry is so common.

Golden pearls are a relatively new entry into this market. They are also in high demand these days. One of the reasons is their newness, the other, their rarity. Also, gold South Sea Pearls are gorgeous to look at. However, golden pearls are quite expensive too, with deeper gold being more expensive than the lighter variety. A rope of top graded golden pearls can easily fetch more than a million dollars. Yes, they are THAT expensive.

For most ordinary folks like you and me, a pendant made of golden pearls or gold pearl earrings are the best bargain – beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, affordable. Since gold South Sea Pearls are available in impressive sizes, getting a beautiful pair of gold pearl earrings is not difficult, even though they are pricey.

Golden pearls are quite expensive, so they are worth the investment only if you take proper care of them.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your gold pearl earrings:

Use: It depends a lot on how you use your jewelry. If you like to have your earrings at all times, then you are asking for trouble. Pearl looses its sheen quickly when it is exposed to heat, harsh chemicals, oil and dirt. Heat can burn the pearl leaving it dark and discolored. Remove your gold pearl earrings before you go to sleep.

Storage: For maximum usage and beauty, preserve your pearls well when they are not in use. Do not store them with gemstones or other hard pieces of jewelry because pearls are by nature soft and vulnerable. Keep them in a soft pouch and wipe them gently before and after use.

Cleaning: When you need to clean your gold pearl earrings, use only special cleaners that have been set aside for that particular use. Some people use toothpaste, baking soda, detergents, soaps and shampoos on pearls. This is not advisable because the harsh chemicals in these can erode the pearl, leaving it colorless and faded. If you wear your gold pearl earrings to work, take care to wipe them with cotton before you store them. This is to wipe away any residual sweat or salt that may have settled on the pearl. Also, take care to avoid touching the pearl with your fingers all the time. Instead, hold the earring by its clasp.

Pearls are meant to be used by generations of people. They are hardy and they do not lose their beauty as they age. Preserving them in good condition is not difficult. Just remember that pearls are soft and are quite vulnerable. Treat them with loving care and affection, and they will stay by you forever.