Why Wholesale Jewelry From China


More and more global jewelry agents and distributors prefer to wholesale jewelry from China, because the jewelry made in china is in large quantity, a wide variety and innovative fashion design. The most important is that it provides a low price and a good quality.

Many jewelry agents and distributors often feel amazed at that, the China Jewelry Manufacturer always can delivery in the shortest possible time with customer requirements. That maybe can explain why China has became one of the most important global jewelry manufacturing centers, and why more and more people prefer to wholesale jewelry from China.

According to the latest authoritative data, China has became the most important jewelry market around the world, more than that, it is also the most important global jewelry manufacturing center.

In 2009, platinum used for jewelry is about 54.5 tons in China. It accounts for the global demand for platinum jewelry by 71.5%. Gold consumption close to five hundred tons, place ahead of India and rank the world the first; Diamond jewelry consumption has exceeded Japan’s for the first time, ranking second in the world, with total annual sales of 25 billion Yuan. Moreover, annual silver jewelry consumption is about 800 tons, same be among the best around the world. The global market share that the Children’s jewelry which made in China holds is probably 80%.

China is now the world’s largest consumption country and processing country for jade and emerald. Production of pearl accounted for about ninety-five percent of world production.

By 2009, the annual sales of China jewelry industry are expected to reach around 30 billion Yuan, and the exports will over 1.2 billion dollar. By that time, China will become one of the world’s most competitive jewelry manufacturing and trading centers, even become the world’s largest jewelry consumption market.

Summarize that, there are several main reasons for the jewelry agents and distributors choose to wholesale jewelry from China.

1. An integrated jewelry manufacturing system has been established in China, complete infrastructure, Products rich and pattern choice is much.

The modern jewelry manufacturing in China actually began at Pearl River Delta in the late 1980s, mainly cause by the jewelry business man of HongKong China started northward for development.

Compared to the jewelry manufacturing in the rest of the world, from the outset, China jewelry manufacturing has formed a professional industrial group in several areas, and has a developed industrial Chain.

Shenzhen, Guangzhou Panyu and Zhejiang Yiwu, represented by the three major base of China jewelry manufacturing, have a complete industrial system, and the industrial interior of the base also has complete infrastructure. The whole jewelry manufacturing industrial, from the designing, processing, manufacturing and wholesaling is perfect.

For its complete jewelry industrial system, the rapid response and working efficiency of China jewelry industry are numbered around the global. And also makes more products, no matter what style you want can be able to find in China.

2. Lots of cheap labor makes the China jewelry cost lower and delivery faster.

The population of China runs more than 1.5 billion; it has the largest population in the world. Vast cheap labor is the foundation of Chinese factories existence.

Because of vast cheap labor, the China jewelry manufacturing has a low cost, and its sale price is also lower that the rest of the world. Profit from this, China jewelry manufacturing can produce lower price and higher jewelry products in a very short time, and make the rest jewelry manufacturer of the world failed.

Though, the Price of Labor in China increased in recent years, this bring about a certain China jewelry manufacturing of cost pressures, but compared with the Price of Labor around the world, is still cheaper.

The Chinese workers most breathtaking feature is their diligent and efficient. Maybe many products need a month to product in other countries, but it perhaps a week to delivery in Chinese jewelry factories. A large and effective of Chinese workers create the miracle of Made-in-China.

3. The design level of Chinese jewelry begins to rise

After thirty years of development, no one will doubt about the level of Chinese jewelry industrial manufacturing, as the same time, the level of jewelry design in China is rapidly improving in recent years, which is different from the borrowed, imitate even that in the past few years, and has further increased the competitiveness of Chinese jewelry. As to keep the low price, more and more Chinese Jewelry manufacturing begin to attract the purchaser in the design aspect.

Previously, jewelry made in China is almost synonymous with Chinese pirates and plagiarism, most of the factory tended to manufacture their products through imitation, or even copy others’ designs directly. But in recent years, with the increase of comprehensive strength ceaselessly as Chinese jewelry companies oneself, and the rich resources of jewelry design talent, Chinese jewelry enterprises have also begun to focus on original jewelry design, and emerged a group of jewelry design talent.

4. The china jewelry manufacturing follows the fashion and environmental trend of the global jewelry.

Over the years, it is not uncommon to hear news about that Chinese jewelry are poisonous or borrowed and imitate is widespread in Chinese jewelry industry. However, we must confess that many Chinese jewelry manufacturers are gradually becoming a world first class jewelry companies, they focus on the original design, keep up with the global fashion trends, insisted on healthy environmental protection, and increasingly recognized to their excellent quality.
There are still some unscrupulous Chinese jewelry manufacturing produce poisonous or not the environmental protection jewelry, but they become less and less. Instead there are more and more Chinese jewelry companies which have innovation capacity and with social responsibility grow. They are able to design and manufacture new and fashionable jewelry.

In recent ten years, more and more western and Asia (include Japan, India, Korean) jewelry companies moved their factory to China, leaving only the design centers and marketing center in the native place. Because China has the complete jewelry industrial system, lower price of labor and high levels of manufacturing.

At present, China has become the world’s second largest jewelry manufacturing base, and expected to become the largest global jewelry manufacturing base over the next five to ten years.

If you are a jewelry agents or distributors, is time to wholesale jewelry from China immediately