Beyond Jeans — Grab The Hot Denim Trends This Fall


Hard to believe that it’s only July and we’re already talking about fall clothing lines. As many of you fashionistas know though, many designers have already started rolling our their winter lines. I, for one, can’t stand the thought of talking about sweaters and tights quite yet, so we’ll ease in to it with a happy medium; denim.

Some top, high-end designers like Kippys, Pierce Jeans, and REOSTARR are flooding the market with their denim wares already, and whether it be jeans, jackets, or purses, it’s denim all the way. Some are even doing a throwback to the 80s and rocking out with rhinestones.

Kippys specializes in denim, leather and fur. Again, I have a hard time imagining leather or fur when it’s a sweltering 90 degrees outside, but I can stomach denim; plus the awesome belts that go with it. In addition, Hollywood thinks Kippys is pretty hot too; just ask Elizabeth Hurley and Madonna, both of whom have sported their belts.

Rhinestone roses, hearts and celtic chains run across the pockets and legs of some of their jeans. Their belts come in a variety of widths from 1/2 inch wide to 4 1/4 inches wide and are embellished like no others. With crystal colors like Padparadscha, Heliotrope, and Volcano, who can resist this clothing line?

Another hot denim designer, Pierce Jeans, is rocking the simple and sophisticated look that only denim can bring to the casual girl. Carrying denim in dark, dark blues to upbeat reds, Pierce has it all covered. Their fall line includes both the revised, higher waisted jean with the slimming leg as well as the trouser jean that has become so popular. Featured in hot fashion magazines as well as being worn by the likes of Teri Hatcher and Eva Mendez, Pierce Jeans has secured themselves in the hearts of hot Hollywood fashion icons.

REOSTARR is taking another avenue and meeting those with simple and those with rhinestones half way. If their denim isn’t plain, it has patches and strategically placed holes. Of course, no pair would be complete without their signature star on their pockets. Whatever they do, Hollywood loves them too! Natalia Livingston was seen wearing them at the “Into the West” premier and have been seen in magazines from Lucky to People.

All across the land, denim is loved by many. These are just a few examples of what some of the high-end denim designers are doing this year and I’m sure that other designers, like Lucky, Levi, and Seven will be sure to follow. While you’re out picking up new notebooks and pencils, whether it be for yourself or your kids, pick up a pair of these great jeans and you’ll definitely be on top of one of fall’s hottest denim trends.