Choose your right Garment Steamer


When you buy a garment steamer you should know alot about it, I can advice you for a little. The right garment steamer for you, you should choose the model can hold a lot of water. The amount of water it holds directly corresponds to the amount of time you will have to steam your clothing. A one gallon tank can steam for half a hour.but if your model is a portable, a one gallon is absolutely less than full size, you shouldn’t use it for along time and should choose a size make you convenience.The portable units are often made as one piece with the nozzle attached to the boiler. It will produce continuous steam, although there are a few with push button steam control. They’re compact and light-weight, perfect for small household jobs. They do not hold much water and the steam generally only lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

Garment Steamerhas many brands available, I have a little reviews for a one brand, It’s Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer born in USA since 1940. With over 70 years experience, Jiify Steamer can make enormous reliability from housewife. And for this reason many products of Jiffy Steamer has the best quality, At now products of Jiffy Steamer can remove any wrinkles from all types of fabric like tablecloth, curtains, carpets, hats, ribbons, bow, clothing and etc. Products of Jiffy Steamer have 4 categories. One is Travel Steamers, Two is Personal Steamers, Three is Professional Steamers and the last is Steramer Accessories.

One Product Of Jiffy Steamer Jiffy J-4000M Pro-Line Series The J-4000 Pro-Line Series is Jiffy Steamer’s most powerful model designed for commercial purposes. This garment steamer includes a durable die cast aluminum outer housing unit with a built-in, easy-to-read water level sight gauge, 1500 watt incoloy heating unit and a stainless steel internal steam chamber. The J-4000 offers convenient preheat and steam settings, which allows you to have steam when needed. The device takes 15 minutes to reach a PREHEAT temperature and then 5 more minutes to achieve full STEAM. The J-4000 will steam for 2 hours per filling.

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