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There is no sunset industry, only sunset technology. The U.S. economy further developed, people always wears clothes, shoes, China, but also for them to do shirts for 30 years. Our traditional textile and apparel industry advantage can not lose it.” Two days ago, Lai Yong attended the 2009 Chinese businessmen hurried summit, Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia Long said.

Clothing is not a sunset industrytry

For some entrepreneurs worry that traditional industries, especially textile and garment industry in the fate of the financial turmoil and the current difficulties being faced. Long answer to entrepreneurs are: textile and garment industry is always a sunrise industry!

Long said, it is necessary to correct the textile and garment industry as a sunset industry, the mistake, the next few years, textile and garment industry will be one of the most competitive industries. Many countries, labor-intensive products to China have serious dependency. “In the current situation of prolonged exposure to quota restrictions, China’s textile and garment enterprises still occupy 20% of the global textile market share.”

He said, but if we do not advance with the times and innovative institutional mechanisms, we have the advantage may go to waste. Now the development of services, mainly for manufacturing services, we should strengthen our confidence in the development of manufacturing industries to gradually end, and technologies to enhance brand building, development of manufacturing should be our long-term strategy. “We can not do Airbus, we will have to do shirts for 30 years, this in line with China’s national conditions, of course, we need high-tech products, but we can not change this situation in a short time.”

Long said, speaking from China’s national conditions, quite a long time in the future, China’s exports will continue to maintain the current export structure. Expanding domestic demand while exports should stabilize and consolidate the market, this is entirely correct. “I want to advise you that in this period, we must strengthen the confidence to do their own thing.”

Great efforts to build their own brand

For the current round of global financial crisis and how crises into opportunities? Long said it should encourage domestic enterprises to introduce the brand, but for the financial crisis, there will not be such a good opportunity for the introduction of foreign high-quality brand.

He said Chinese enterprises should not be willing to play a “working class” role, to dare to take great effort, a large investment to build its own brand, in particular, no high-tech labor-intensive industries to break links, not the brand of errors.

Long said that to change this reality, our task is to break in the labor-intensive industries in high technology sectors, such as clothing fabric finishing technology, high-end fashion design should make great efforts to break through, doing so can we could get to higher value-added, the initiative into their own hands, forming China’s own brand.

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