Contemporary jewelry making as an art form


Jewelry making as an art and craft form has taken a center stage in the curriculum of various fashion institutes in the past few decades. Making stunning jewelry pieces is no more confined to a special class of people, moreover, lot of young people are making efforts to hone their creative talent and crafting contemporary pieces like cross pendants, pave earrings and enamel bangles as well as traditional jewelry pieces like vertical earrings and enamel rings. Eventually, the recent advancement in technology has given way to make utmost use of expert knowledge that is available at hand.

The wide-spread use of internet has also made it possible for amateur jewelry makers or artists to understand and learn this art at nominal prices or sometimes free of costs. There are numerous websites on internet that utilize the latent or raw talent of these amateur artists by asking them to work in different projects online. This provides ample opportunities for the beginners who by working in these projects under expert guidance create memorable work like strikingly beautiful fashion rings, fashion necklaces, heart pendants and medallions that will represent their imagination and creativity. This also enables them (the beginners) to make a portfolio of their individual work for future reference.

The art and technique of creating marvelous fashion rings, enamel rings, enamel bangles and fashion necklaces requires the sharp eyes of the designer who can easily pin-point or depict the minute details. The well-crafted vertical earrings, pave earrings, cross pendants or heart pendants will appeal to every women who want to portray carefree and light-heated appearance and look. The idea behind creating medallions certainly comes from symbolism of the imagery that comes from folklore, mythologies, and fables. The jewelry artists learn and understand various techniques to transform their designer ideas into metallurgical wonders or art forms to bring fantasy into reality.

With passage of time, the trends and tendencies in jewelry has undergone a wide-spread change. Men too used to wear jewel pieces in earlier times but during post modern era when the angry young man emerged, this trend got downturn. Incidentally in the past two decades, this trend has bounced back with men especially the younger lot adorning exotic jewel pieces in most of the scenarios to display their spirit of rebel.

There is no doubt; jewelry has long evolved as the symbol of personal expression and status to the ever-green investment piece that will always be cherished by men and women alike and inspire the artists to create stunning and priceless pieces for long times to come.