Customized Personal Jewelry


A visit to a jewelry store entails a great deal of time and energy to purchase the item of your choice. There are several important details to keep in mind. That being the case, there’s far more planning required to buy customized personal jewelry, a ring or bracelet, a brooch or pendant that is distinctly ‘you’.

The enormous collection of pieces that jewelry stores stock can leave you more confused than when you walked in. To help you narrow down or earmark a few choice pieces, it is best to spend some time online checking out designs and brands that catch your fancy. There are simply scores of websites of branded jewelry stores, stockists and retail agents that you can visit to see up close designs and brands of any item of jewelry that you are looking to buy.

Sometimes you may not find the piece that you are looking for easily available. Its here that you can possibly think of giving space to your creativity by creating your own design or engraved piece of jewelry that will be unique and one-of-a-kind. Most people who go in for customized personal jewelry find that getting something made according to their specifications gives a great deal of creative satisfaction.

Either way, whether buying a readymade piece or ordering one made to your customization, there are some important aspects or ‘points to remember’. It will help to list out these in order of importance that appeals to you but broadly, you will benefit by following these tips.

1. Have a clear budget or cost estimate for the jewelry; this depends on choice of metal.

2. Choose the metal beforehand to help estimate cost; for e.g. silver and metal are far cheaper than gold, platinum or stone studded jewelry. While you cannot arrive at an accurate cost estimate, you should have a clear idea of metal choice because values are bound to fluctuate according to market trends and you should be wise enough to take advantage of any factors that bring in additional value for the money spent.

3. If your heart is set on one or more gemstones in the piece, remember that the category of stone, precious or semi-precious is important. Also the shape, cut, clarity and color of the stone and the setting matter a great deal. Some distinct shapes can send your cost estimate soaring so it is best to get firsthand advice from a friend or a professional jeweler who can advise on the size, shape and setting of stones for your jewelry.

Some abstract designs and metals are fast making an impact in customized personal jewelry. Wire fashioned out of pliant metal can be twisted and shaped into any design or to form letters for a bracelet or pendant that has your name on it. Another unique option is the hand-dyed thread fabric from coconuts with laser engraving for names in a rich color that provides for a great contrast against the light tan of the coconut. These coconuts are sourced from the South Pacific and can be ordered online.

That brings us to some more relevant factors when you consider buying customized jewelry online. Remember that picture reproductions of a product may not always be true to likeness in terms of size, color etc. So it is very essential to be certain you are getting the right product for the right price. Do not hesitate to call and ask for more details if you wish to.

To put things in a nutshell perspective, here are a few points regarding online shopping that will be useful.

1. Take time to read reviews about the company / product you are purchasing

2. Get a detailed description of the item you are ordering

3. Read order form or invoice and see terms and conditions involving return and refund

4. View details of shipping rates and the policies that govern shipping like damage insurance, loss etc.