Different Body Jewellery Items Advantages And Disadvantages


Jewellery has become the most demanding and loveable item. Big numbers of jewellery shops are opened nowadays. Its increasing demand let the people feel the need to open jewellery shops in streets. It may be said that it is now being sold door to door because when we left one street and just enter in to the second, we can see little shops that have all necessary variety of jewellery. Jewellery items for all body parts are now extensively manufactured in artificial, steel and in other precious metals too. Both men and women love to buy jewellery. Body jewellery is becoming most popular item amongst all. The reason behind its popularity and vast scale purchasing is that it is extremely fashionable and loved by youngsters. It is available in large variety. Most common types are lip, nose, belly, eyebrow rings etc. To use this kind of items people need to pierce their body section.

Generally body jewellery is worn on belly and known as belly bars. Different belly bars are available in different designs, quality and value. Some belly bars are often made with pure gold. Many body bars contain gems like cubic zirconia. This gem is used to wear buy young women because these are very beautiful and affordable. These are also made with stainless steel that really sparkles and looks cool on low ages. These are also available in intimated animal designs that are very cute and liked most.

Eyebrow rings have also become popular and only used by youngsters. Some wears two and some wears three at the end of eyebrow. These rings are available in many precious and semi precious stones and as well settled with worthy gems. Usually it is the most recent trend of western countries.

Nose rings are the traditional items and were used in ancient times. Egyptians used to wear it. Especially the queens and princesses use these rings to adorn themselves. In the beginning these were too big in size and become smaller as the time passed. Then it was worn in old African cultures and in Asian cultures too. Today these are traditionally worn by both cultures. Then westerns inspired and now used to wear this by few modifications and alterations.

Earrings are also the part of body jewellery. As we know it is also an old cultured item and still used nowadays just like nose rings. Many beautiful designs with different metals and gems are now available. Because of the modernity of time the earrings have become so light weighted that no one feel their weight while wearing it and are so thin, near to the thickness of a page.

Two more items that are newly introduced are tongue rings and lip rings. Tongue rings are worn right in the middle of tongue that needs to pierce it. And lip ring are also worn in the center of lower lip where a cut is appear. Mostly these rings are available in stainless steel because it remains inside the mouth that cannot damage its color. For instance if a ring made with gold is used that may fade its color due to the food that chewed inside may tangle with it and hygienic food can create reaction with gold, which may infect the whole mouth.

The only drawback of these items is that you must have to pierce your body parts otherwise you cannot wear them.