Express Yourself – The New Designer Jeans For Men


There are always those seasons when we ask ourselves while staring at the new designer looks, “Is this all there is?” Maybe we’re just bored with our own closets or then again, it could be we’re in the middle of our own personal crisis of “Where’d those eight pounds come from?” Makes little difference, though, when you consider the Gant denim jeans that are available as part of the summer/fall offerings. It’s rare a label can link two seasons so seamlessly, yet Gant pulls it off in its talented and customary style. Here are some of our picks in men’s designer jeans, courtesy of Gant Clothing:

The style-defining Chino is back “-” and not a moment to soon! The navy Gant chinos are everything a traditional pant should have with updates to bring them current with today’s trends. With a passive back pocket that blends right into the pants themselves and the casual fit that make chinos…well, chinos, these Gant designer pants just might be the closest thing to perfect we’ll see in men’s clothing.

While we love the distressed look, there’s that little voice in all of us that wondered how long we were going to be without a more refined and grown up look that would work on casual Fridays at the office. Wonder no more “-” Gant designer jeans have emerged as one of the design labels to watch in men’s fashion. Check out the Gant Jeans 103005. They’re everything a jean should be “-” relaxed fit, just enough of a wash that eliminates that “new” look (after all- we want our cars to look new, but our jeans? Not so much). A darker denim is found in the Gant 131105 stone jeans; which work great paired with a men’s designer polo or tee shirt.

As we gear up for those cooler months, we definitely like what we’re seeing in the Gant designer label.