How To Design Your Own Clothing Line


Designing your own clothing line takes imagination and a flair for fashion. If you have ever wanted to design your own clothing line, you can start with t-shirts, polo shirts or hats. By experimenting with different emblems and designs, you can make clothing that is totally unique and totally you.

Come up with a logo

You can either hire a graphic designer to come up with a logo or you can design your own using graphics software. Some online sites that allow you to design your own clothing are a good start for the budding designer as they offer ways to customize logos. Once you have your own logo, you can send it to the United States Copyright office so that it can be patented. You can put trademark pending under the design to make sure that no one else absconds with your actual logo. You will want to put your logo, even if it is small, on all of your clothing designs.

Come up with an original design

Use your imagination and come up with an original design for the t-shirt or hat or whatever it is that you are designing. One way to create something that will display well is to put your heart and soul into the design. Creativity is spurred by passion. You will be much more creative if you are passionate about your products. Think about something that is very near and dear to you and create a design in your head.

Put the design to paper

Sketch out the design on paper so that you can see how it may look on a t-shirt or other type of clothing. You can try several different sketches before committing it to the actual t-shirt. Once you are satisfied not only with the design, but the position of the design on the article of clothing, you can then commence with the actual creation of the original designer clothing.

Have the clothing made professionally

You can create a design and iron it on using your printer and an iron, but will it really look professional? No – it will look cheap and home made. And that is not the impression that you want to give to the world as a designer. If you are serious about designing your own fashions, you should have them professionally created. Your friends and family will not be able to tell the difference between the clothing in the store and that which you designed for yourself.

Each year, hundreds of new designers are discovered by individuals like yourself. Some of them go on to become big names in the fashion industry, while others work for fashion houses. If you really want to make a go of it in the fashion world, what are you waiting for? Start now and create your own design. Work on it with a passion and have it created and then start wearing it. When people ask you where you got it, you simply have to reply, it is my own design.