InnoTab Learning System Review


The InnoTab is pre-loaded with educational activities and games and other interactive activities which will keep your child occupied for hours upon end. This toy is capable of all types of activities; kids can watch videos, play games, listen to music, view pictures of their family and friends and download e-books and games besides drawing and writing. In short this toy brings all the fun to their fingertips as the kids touch, drag and flick objects on the five inch color screen. The InnoTab also comes with a stylus as an alternate mode of input for various activities like drawing, tracing and coloring.

The InnoTab features a tilt sensor control for games enabling children to play interactive motion driven games such as pinball and Disney Pixar. The games are of different levels which range from easy to difficult and your child can even download games from the VTech website. The built in 3D coloring app also makes use of the tilt sensor; kids fill in colors in pictures which come to life and move when the child tilts and moves the InnoTab.

The InnoTab helps your child stay organized with the built-in organizer feature which has a calendar, clock, address book and calculator. The interactive globe feature also lets your child explore world maps.

Kids read stories by flipping through the pages and a story dictionary has been added so they can look up the meaning of new words they come across while reading. Your child can either read the meaning of the word or by pressing on the words can also listen to the meaning while learning to pronounce them at the same time. With this feature the InnoTab enriches a childs vocabulary, improves pronunciation and develops reading their reading skills.

Just like the various tablet devices for adults, the InnoTab is also a multimedia device where MP3 files can be loaded and played back through the music player. The photo viewer allows your child to upload and view photos; add touches to the photos such as changing hairstyles etc through the art studio. The built-in video player also allows your child to watch movies.

The games and activities are loaded onto the VTech InnoTab through cartridges; additional cartridges are available at reasonable prices or you can join the VTech website to download e-books, games and other content. A USB cable is provided with the InnoTab to connect it to your Mac/PC and through it you can download the content from the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator. Parents can also monitor their childs progress by visiting the Learning Lodge Navigator. The InnoTab comes with 64MB on-board memory and an SD card slot is provided for further memory expansion.