Made To Measure Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are a heavenly fashionable clothes item. Since these made to measure jeans were created in the end of the 1960s their popularity grows every day. However, even back then one had to be of a special figure type to wear them.

Even though wide-leg customized jeans dominated the catwalks during the latest seasons, skinny jeans are still a trendy clothes item and are timeless in the womens wear.

On the catwalks and red carpets of the world these custom tailored jeans will probably never disappear, which is proven by famous and persuaded skinny jeans-lovers like Amy Winehouse. Skinny jeans will never disappear from the streets as well, because those who hav managed to find a perfectly fitting pair of these subculture jeans, which also suit their personal clothing style, will not hide from other fashionable in-trends.

The first skinny jeans didnt have the best cut; this is why the person wearing them quite often looked badly proportioned. However, in case of the models of today this problem no longer exists.

A good pair of skinny jeans fits the body like second skin and models its form. And this is what distinguishes these tailor made jeans from other jeans models. Worn in the right way they present a good opportunity both for men and women to look sexy and trendy. However, children and teenagers should also not forget about this stylish clothes item. Because specially for them there is a wide range of skinny jeans for kids in suitable sizes by well-known brands.

Many people believe skinny jeans and custom jeans in carrot form is actually the same model. However, there is a slight difference between these two jeans types. In comparison with the classical skinny cut, which is tight on the thighs and calves, carrot jeans become tighter fro the thighs to the ankles. The form of these custom tailored jeans reminds of a carrot, that is why they are called carrot jeans.

Skinny jeans for women are trendy and they will stay trendy always. Those who claim the opposite definitely know nothing of fashion. This summer skinny jeans are extremely popular as well. Men are of course quite happy about that. Because women with the suitable figure type can always wear skinny jeans without catching strange looks. Perfectly fitting skinny jeans on a woman are just a sexy eye-catcher. A woman who can afford wearing skinny jeans should definitely have 2-3 pair of those in her wardrobe.

Catchy colors in case of skinny jeans are a hot trend of this summer. Skinny jeans in a destroyed optic are also a fashionable must-have nowadays. Skinny jeans for women should be very tight and repeat the lines of female legs. In order not to lose this effect we recommend to always buy jeans one size smaller than you usually wear.