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Are you looking for knowledge on the Masai clothing autumn winter 2011 collection. It’s coming toward that point once more to start contemplating choosing and buying Autumn/winter clothing a point of year where layered clothing actually works well and 1 clothing brand that actually sets itself apart from the rest is the danish label Masai Clothing. Masai are a firm that have really refined the art of layered dressing which is an perfect look for autumn/winter. With a few main pieces you are able to essentially perfect this kind of dressing. Consequently lets start with a couple of basics for this Masai clothing autumn winter 2011 range.

Masai Clothing Autumn Winter 2011: The Layered Look

Firstly – a good pair of trousers. The look that Masai generally prefer are three quarters length design in either the straight or full length look. The trousers or Culottes as they call them are the ideal design for creating a layered look. They work ideally with boots in the wintertime or even a flat shoe or ankle boot while the weather continues to be mild. They are a good length to break up the body and add layers from the base up.

The second main look is a tunic or long length top to layer over the top of the culottes. This is once more an area where Masai excel. Their tunics are developed to get a flowing , simple look, nevertheless are fitted under the bust line to offer shape to an outfit, to prevent it appearing ‘tent’ like. Tunics lie perfectly over Culottes and give a fashionable however casual look, that seems effortless and unique. The Masai tunics come In either heavy or light weight fabric the two are ideal to work with the third main look the jacket .

The Masai jacket over again comes in a couple of major styles, short cropped or long. Both work equally well over a tunic and Culottes and break up the outfit to present that unique layered appearance. The Jackets are available in a mixture of materials which over again add to the layered look of dressing mixing different fabrics textures prints and colours in an eclectic manner to make your distinctive look. The lengthier length jackets are frequently nipped in at the waistline to present form and a defined look to an outfit.

Masai Clothing Autumn Winter 2011: Final thoughts

As soon as you actually have generated your look with the 3 simple items, then to finish off the ultimate layered look all you need to add are some important accessories. Scarves necklaces all produce the ideal finishing touches to an outfit. Use all three pieces or select simply one piece to make a style that’s unique and special. When you have the basic key items and accessories the art of the layered look of dressing becomes easy. Just remember to mix textures prints and colors to customize your look break up blocks of color with prints, scarves and jewelry and then soon the art form of the layered look shall be something you are able to create with ease. The layered look from the Masai Clothing Autumn Winter 2011 other than being uber trendy is in addition exceptionally practical, so shop till you drop ladies.

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