Origin and types of fashion earrings


Add a magical charm to your persona by wearing fashion earrings of different types! Also feel joy to know when earrings were originated in India.

When it comes to 16 Shringar (adornments) of India, fashion earrings occupy an unique place. The earrings in the soft lobes of ladies make them center of attraction on each occasion. When it comes to history of earrings, these have been largely used jewellery in ancient India. With the emergence of new fashion trends, their designs have also increased thus rendering you more options to beautify your persona.

Origin of earrings:

Ear piercing ceremony is being conducted in India since pre-Harappan Vedic period. The ears of both male and female children were pierced in 3rd or 5th years of their age. Long ear lobes embellished with fashion earrings were sign of beauty. Further, ear piercing was also considered therapeutically beneficial because of providing acute eye sight and mind.

Fahion Earrings find mention in ancient Indian texts with terms like Karnika, Karnaphul, Kundala and Tatanka. Rigaveda describes Goddess Lakshmi wearing earrings. In Ramayana, Sita, the wife of Rama threw her earrings, anklets and bracelets tied in her saree’s piece while Ravana was abducting her. In Mahabharata, the earrings of Karna and King Saudasa’s wife have been immensely popular. Lord Vishnu is also famous for wearing the earrings in fish patterns.

The figurines of Indus Valley civilization (1500 BC), Ajanta Caves (2nd century BCE), Elephanta caves (4th century BCE) and Ellora caves (5th century BCE) also sport the earrings. Parvati idol of Gupta period (4th century AD) also wears circle earring with Swastika design. The image of king Kumaragupta (414 to 455 AD) has been imprinted on several coins sporting heavy earrings.

Types of fashion earrings:

A plenty of fashion earrings are all the rage in today’s fashion world. Stud earrings are lockable by screw rotation and can be worn by men as well as women. Hoop earrings in round and half-round shapes are also popular as `Baali` and come in slew of mesmerizing designs. Dangle earrings (Jhumka) create magic while hang in tune with walking. Ear cuffs in crooked size can be worn in pierced cartilage or helix of ear. Slave earrings in the design of serpent, flower etc and attached with a chain are worn similar to ear cuff in pierced cartilage. The second end is worn in pierced earlobes. Hook earrings featuring large hook can be obtained in various designs such as feather earrings, button earrings and so on. Clip-on earrings are also called as non-pierced earrings. Similarly, stick-on earrings with adhesive-back are superb for girls and ladies having unpierced ears. Satyajit Banerjee is an expert writer in handicraft arena and writes for Craffts.com, an eCommerce portal for handcrafted and Handmade products. It offers wide range of products across various categories ranging from Nose Rings, Earrings for women girls silver,gold, diamond, Necklace set much more.