The Real Story Behind Fine Pearl Jewelry And Rare Pearl Necklace

Pearl Jewelry

The real story behind fine pearl jewelry.

Most people understand that fine pearl jewelry is made from pearls grown in oyster clams beneath the water. But what is missing is the truth behind which and what pearls come from where. There is always a story behind the most sort after pieces of jewellery.

It is interesting to note that Keshi Pearls come from China, and are considered cultured, not natural pearls. These cultured pearls are used in all types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Although stunning, they are not considered the best in the world.

Other cultured pearls such as Akoya, and South Sea Pearl are great quality and hold their value well. They are not however considered unique or ‘special’. On the other hand, Black Pearls are very rare and can’t be mass grown.

It is important to understand the eight different pearl shape types when researching your pearls. The eight main shapes include round, circled, drop, pear, button, semi-round, oval and baroque. The different shapes go with different garnments and apparel, so be sure you know what you are looking for. With many different colors, fine pearl jewelry can suit any occasion. Colors range from white, pink, champagne, green, black, purple, and blue as the main colors.

Finding the right pearl necklace can also be a lot of fun with many different descriptions for the lengths. Just to give you an idea, a standard collar measures 10-13 inches; A pearl choker is 14-16 inches long, Princess length is 17- 19 inches, while a Matinee length is 20-24 inches, and an Opera length is 28-35 inches, compared to a delightful Pearl Rope being 45 inches in length. Wow, there is a lot in this.

The value of a pearl is almost always determined by symmetry, size, color, lack of surface flaws and luster, and what makes the pearl jewelry so valuable. Often there are other jewels attached, or the workmanship, but primarily it is the pearl itself that holds the value. Now consider the rarity and glamor that the indiviual pieces mean to its wearer. Elegance, uniqueness and class. it is something that imitation mass produced pearl jewelry just cannot muster.

The gift of fine pearl jewelry is a real way to say “I Care”, and “you are unique”. Finally, real pearl jewellery can be passed on as family heirlooms, and remain important for generations to come.