The Worlds Best Mens Jeans


So youve decided to go on a hunt for the absolute best, sexiest and most stylish pair of pants on the planet, but how are you going to go about finding the best mens jeans in the universe? How much are you willing to pay for that pair of jeans? Which company, which website, and which country (for that matter) are you going to make your purchase from? If you are soon going to be sporting the best jeans for men ever made, you better do some research and make sure that you are really going to be walking around with pants that make you look like a stallion! You dont want to dish out a ton of cash for something that is buzz worthy now, only to have them drop to the level of the nerd in a month. The trick is to look for something snazzy, something trendy and something different, but you have to make sure that what you purchase is going to have the staying power to become a new classic.

One of the best features to look for to help you find the new classic is purity search out the unwashed material, that which is most natural, true and pure. You may also want to find a pair that has a slight sheen to it, which would be nothing short of fabulous for a night out on the town. Whats so great about this pure denim? It puts it into the running for being the best mens jeans because the wearer is able to enjoy the capability of breaking in the denim himself; the denim takes on the natural distressing of how they are worn. This denim is said to be the absolute most perfect fitting jean for men with wear.

If your style is a relaxed pair of jeans, you might want to search for the the highest quality denim that is also pure and unwashed. When you find a relaxed pair of jeans in this fit, youll enjoy a loose fitting jean that still offers a great silhouette. Most people would consider the 11 oz denim the ultimate in quality. The most stylish pairs are those that have a button fly and belt loop detail, and they may come in a perfect 36 length, which just adds to the styles exclusivity. If you need a shorter size, youll need to have them hemmed.

Other denim that is used for the best mens jeans include the Japanese Kuroki denim. As opposed to the pure denim that remains unwashed, this denim is often processed as ultra washed so that it becomes faded to a stunning sexy light gray. Pair this ultra washed, light gray look with a pair of those relaxed style jeans and you have your new favorite pair!