Wear Jewelry Properly On Different Occasions


The wearing of jewelry is a university asked, In fact, very often it’s more important than the cloth what you wear. Wear the jewelry properly will like a finishing point. But it can also make you became the target of public criticism, like you are a big joke, if your jewelry and dress do not match.

How to display the intrinsic charm and function of jewelry? At first, you should ask yourself two questions, one is where do you want to wear, another is what should you need to wear.

What the occasion should we need to wear jewelry? Concept in the past, people think that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, and is not suitable on other occasions.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. As long as wearing properly, any occasion is available.

We have deep knowledge about clothing, aware of the difference between suits, casual, dress, casual wear, etc. We also know what to wear on various occasions. But we are lack of knowledge in wearing the Jewelry. A piece of jewelry appears every occasion after we put it on.

Pay attention to several major occasions of wearing jewelry:

The accessories of business wears are more restrictions for career woman. In addition to comply with a certain principles, in fact, spend a bit idea, by smartly choosing the jewelry that suited to your temperament and style, create your own unique taste, is the point to build your self-confidence and success.

To overcome the career wear’s monotonous color, you can choose wear some vivid colored gemstones in the chest or hair wear. It can reflect the vitality and beauty of women in the wearing of the solemn seriousness.

For choosing of colored stones, we should pay attention to the grade of gemstones, the color of the precious stones must be pure and bright. Stone must have spirit. Based on the career wear, a mix and match of jewelry will makes it a perfect change. Necklaces and brooch are very frequently used here. It will make the decent attire a little more dynamic vigor, if you put a clapboard design brooch on the collar. The length of necklace, colors and materials, different designs and clever collocation, also can make the suit more dynamic vigor and rhythmical beauty. It is best to wear a jewelry, which can display your personality and professional. Let the jewelry become a sign of your body language. Better to wear a unique jewelry that in professional design.

Ordinarily, at tourism or leisure time, should also pay attention to wear jewelry that go with the clothing. Generally for such a casual occasion, Wearing a color gem or semi precious stones jewelry will match the casual attires perfectly.

During the Festival of visiting relatives and friends, it’s the best time for people to display their taste and personality. Wearing colored gemstone jewelry properly, can add color for festive time. At the same time it will give your family and friends a kind of warm and relaxed feeling. But in formal occasions, such as the celebration dinner party, should wear an expensive jewelry sets with decorative design. To wear two or more jewelry, it should be noted to march them. No needs to worry about that jewelry designers design a set jewelry to help you solving this problem.

Common jewelry set have two-piece set, three-piece set, four-piece set, five-piece set.
Two-piece set: Necklace with ring; rings with earrings; necklace with earring; Earrings with Brooch; bracelet with earrings.
Three piece set: Ring with necklace and earrings; ring with necklace and Brooch
Four-piece set: Ring, necklace, earrings and brooch; ring, necklace, earrings and bracelet;
Five-piece set: Ring, necklace, Earrings, Brooches and bracelet; ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet and hair wear;

Generally, it is necessary to have a jewelry set for woman. On formal occasions, it’s required wearing high-end jewelry set or the similar ones. It also has a certain requirement in the material, style, technology. They are all asked for consistency.

Two-piece set has wide applications; it’s casual to go with any clothing and occasions. It just required its materials, shape and design match the environment and clothing.

So, pay more attention to the match between jewelry wearing and occasions. For example, Jade jewelry set is suit for formal occasions at night, because the jade looks more elegant under the light. Also the same to ruby and diamond jewelry sets.

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