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Professional and experienced fashion jewelry purchasers must know that wholesale jewelry business with two secrets are most popular till now. These two secret tools can bring Wholesale jewelry business rapid development and doubled profits. You must be wondering now which two kinds of secrets can have such great power that to promote the sucess of fashion jewelry business. Now let me express them one by one to you in person.

First of all, no minimum order. Many jewelry buyers pretend to buy one piece for each product when wholesale jewelry in order to check the detailed quality. However, many jewelry suppliers give a minimum requirment in order to protect their own profits. As a result, customers must buy one hundred pieces for one individual product. If the products are very poor in quality, the customers have to accept the loss and failure as unavoidable unluckily. This does very bad at customers’ profits. Frankly speaking, it is selfish although it is a common rule among wholesale jewelry industry. We should improve it and never let the bad industry habits to take up the wholesale jewelry business and influence our business life.

Secondly, free shipping. Every body enjoy free shipping via cheap price. If the two same fashion jewelry are sold as the same price, the customers will buy the one which provide free shipping with out any doubt. Free shipping is a trump card which many wholesalers and suppliers would like to promote. Actually speaking, it costs not very much for wholesale jewelry. For example, it only costs 10USD to ship a order under 1kg in China to United states. However, everyone has the desire to gain petty advantages from others, especially from the suppliers since buyers always think sellers are trying their best to gain more money from their pockets. So free shipping can push more buyers to buy fashion jewelry.

Wholesale jewelry business is a industry with great profits to gain. Buy with 1 RMB and sell with 10 USD is possible and doable. However, it is also strongly competive to set foot in wholesale jewelry industry since it is very easy to set foot in wholesale jewelry business. It only costs less than 100 USD to ope n a fashion jewelry online store and 1000USD to build up a local fashion jewelry store by your own. As a result, many people can set foot in jewelry business.

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