Yiwu introduced the world to create a seamless garment of the standard are – Thrust Ball Bearings


Recently, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China introduced the first “eco-seamless garment” standard in the industry caused great repercussions. Yiwu Seamless Weaving Industry Association, Jian-Wei Tao said, “put country first” eco-seamless garment “standard is taken to create a seamless garment of the world are the first step, the next we will speed up the pace in the global apparel market to seize the seamless . ” In 2008, under the influence of the financial crisis, the global economy rapidly blowing bursts of “cold”, heavily dependent on exports Yiwu can not escape the catastrophe, the rapid decline of various economic indicators. However, surprising is that, Yiwu seamless garment industry in crisis is not only not being crushed, but showing a picture of a hot market for foreign orders for business households are endless, the domestic procurement is also very prosperous. “By the financial crisis, Italy, Spain, veteran producer of seamless apparel companies have closed, but the market demand has not decreased much, which led to a number of buyers have rushed to Yiwu to.” Seamless garment market as to why Yiwu so hot, Jian-Wei Tao analysis to. He said that the year 2009, Yiwu seamless garment production are better than in 2008, particularly in the second half of the most obvious, many businesses orders are routed to this year. “I’m already routed to the company’s orders in May of this year.” It is understood that Yiwu is now China’s leading production and marketing base in a seamless garment, with a seamless knitted garment industry produced more than 150 enterprises, employing 25000 people, in 2009 the output value reached 60 billion yuan, accounting for its production output 80%, 25% of the world. Although, Yiwu has become truly is the “seamless knitwear city”, but local business owners who are not so satisfied. In order to avoid the standard non-standard, enterprise test system is not perfect, causing the industry to export products that face foreign technical trade barriers affecting international development of a seamless garment, seamless weaving industry association in Yiwu, under the lead, the State Quality Supervision and daily use commodities Testing Center, the backbone of the industry through various surveys and visits to companies, has recently developed China’s first eco-seamless garment standard. Jian-Wei Tao said that at present, the global seamless garment equipment, only 2.4 million units, while five years later, the world’s seamless garment equipment, up to 4 million units, the prospects are very bright. “We’re hoping to grab 70% of the ownership, that is five years, added 22000 units seamless garment equipment, making Yiwu become a true capital of the world’s seamless garment.” It is learned that, in order to create “a seamless garment of all the world”, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province Government to the Government for the building of “China Science and Technology Industrial Park seamless garment,” Science and Technology Park planned area of 5 square kilometers, win 2014, to achieve scientific and technological industrial park industry gross output value of 50 billion yuan.

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