Antony Morato Clothing At Od’s


Fashion-forward men seeking smart menswear have long looked to OD’s Designer Clothing Shop online for fashion-conscious choices from everyone from Ed Hardy to Armani. OD’s provides the best selections from Italian designer, Antony Morato including: Antony Morato shirts, Antony Morato polo shirts, Antony Morato jumpers, and Antony Morato knitwear.
Antony Morato Clothing Jersey options in sleek, simple earthtones, greys, and black are the perfect comfortable, yet stylish options for men. Antony Morato shirts, Antony Morato polo shirts, and Antony Morato jumpers offer simple designs that convey style and panache without frills using dichromatic colour schemes with a simple base tone and accent colour on the collar, buttons, and cuffs, making them match with anything in your existing wardrobe. For a more daring integration of the dichromatic colour scheme, try one of his designs that reflect the accent colour in the buttons, zipper, and piping. Whether you pair Antony Morato knitwear with your favourite designer jeans or a pair of slacks, his designs are appropriate for both streetwear and the office. The simplicity of the colours and weight of his fabrics make them perfect to layer, achieving the ultimate layering look, combining a few of his designs or incorporating one of his pieces as the focal point to a layered look. You can dress Antony Morato clothing jersey down with a funky grommet or punk belt or dress it up with a sleek black leather designer belt. His focus on tops makes adding pieces from Antony Morato’s line a simple wardrobe upgrade, giving a fresh take on your existing wardrobe and slacks.
While his designs are simple, the quality of his designs, construction, and fabric make it evident why he has formed a cult-following around his label. Although his designs have a youthful focus, their tasteful timelessness makes his clothing appropriate for men of all ages. The designs of Antony Morato are the very epitome of “smart casual,” easily transitioning from daywear to the club and making you the most fashionable man wherever you go. With simple but recognizable designs and colour schemes he has quickly established himself as a hallmark of good taste and staple of the fashion conscious and well-dressed man.