Fabulous Indian jewelry- Made using stones and gems


In India marriages are considered to be synonymous to jewelry. The Indian marriages are made rich and unique by the use of traditional Indian jewelry. The traditional look of the Indian jewelry is completed by unique and beautiful designs and works. The Indian families hold the Indian jewelry for many decades and pass them for generations. Various Indian jewelry items includes Anklets, Armlets, Bracelets, Bangles, Chokers (gulband), Earrings, Finger Rings, Maang tika, Mangalsutras, Nose pin, Nose ring, Necklaces, Pendants, Toe rings, Waist bands etc.

In India both men and women were different types of Indian jewelry in the form of various ornaments mentioned above. Indian jewelry is composed of beads, shells, clay for the production of ornaments. From sixteenth to nineteenth century mughals used metals such as gold n silver for making various designs of ornaments. Miniature paintings also make the use of Indian jewelry such as beautiful pieces of stones cared in jewelry. Indian royalty is shown by these paintings. The hallmark of Indian jewelry design is the symbolic representation of the mango fruit. This hallmark is termed “as the paisley motif”. Cobra hood, cucumber seeds and rice grains are considered as the popular inspirations of the Indian jewelry. The colorful gems were used in Indian jewelry to generate a new beautiful design, leading to a new class of Indian jewelry named as Indo-European jewelry. This type of jewelry is used till today and was developed in late nineteenth century. This type of Indian jewelry gave a rich look.

Unique designs and works are being followed by various regions and cultures. South Indian jewelry is famous for its temple based very large designs, North Indian jewelry is famous for its beautiful cared designs, West Indian jewelry is famous for its stoned and mirror work, East Indian jewelry is famous for its beaded work. All regions have different trends and their designing is unique.

Indian jewelry is one of the good mediums that reflect the craftsmanship and artistry of early civilizations of India. The beautiful creations on metals, stones and various objects are expressions of creativity of hard working jewelers of early India. Indian jewelry attracts royals households to the tribal folks. The true spirit of Indian jewelry is shown by some gorgeous sometimes very delicate pieces of Indian jewelry. As the modern age is approaching Indian jewelry has undergone many changes but Indian jewelry has been remaining always in demand and has been always beautiful. Sometimes retailers get an opportunity of making choices from large varieties from wholesale Indian jewelry. These retailers can also place many orders at bulk prices. There are online showcasing of Indian jewelry at India handicraft store which has a great collection of Indian jewelry and handicrafts. One of the traditional and demanding forms of Indian jewelry is the gold jewelry. There are many sleek and light weight gold ornaments such as bangles, rings, earrings and pendants. Heavy ornaments having earrings, bracelets and neckpieces made of gold are famous for festive occasions such as weddings and other happy occasions. Rings and bangles are popular for daily wear. The Indian jewelry made of diamond is in great demand in market now days.

Indian jewelry used by a girl is symbol that the girl is married. Most common used symbol is the pair of toe rings. These rings are made of silver and can be graved with various stones. Different style of rings such as nose and earrings are worn by Indian women of different culture. Some of the north Indian women wear nose rings which are larger than the size of bangles. These larger nose rings are symbol of wealth of the husband. In west the nose rings are made of stones and pearls and are called “nath”. South Indian women wear large necklaces of temple design. North Indian women and mens wear a combination of five rings made for each finger made of gold called panchangal. They also wear a part of Indian jewelry made of silver and gold graved with precious stones known as kamarband which is used as a waistband. Indian jewelry also consists of flexible and immovable anklets. The ornaments made by joining rings of the metal are flexible. The immovable anklets are like bangles having a space for a leg to fit into it. The Indian jewelry is very old and till now is famed for its design and beautifulness.

Types of Indian jewelry

Indian jewelry is made from silver, gold and diamonds and now there is great demand of costume and artificial jewelry. Indians mostly use gold and this makes the India the largest manufacturer and consumer of yellow metal known as gold. There are many designs in Indian jewelry. Following are the most commonly designs of Indian jewelry.

“Ornaments that consist of gold and silver threads are known as filigree work. Metal threads are made by plaiting them and then are soldered to the ground metal. This is very common design of Indian jewelry. These designs require great time and patience in their execution. These are most commonly used in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.”

“Bharat natyam dancers wear temple jewelry while performing. These design is being worn by women is festivals and marriages. These Indian jewelry ornaments are engraved with green, blue and red precious stones. These stones were originally made for temples and therefore it is known as temple jewelry.”

“Jaipur gives us a very beautiful Indian jewelry design that consists of enamel work on gold. This design is known as minakari. It is a combination of stones of different colors arranged to glow when light falls on them. These designs are quite expensive.”

“Kundan design of Delhi is world famous. These designs consist of gold having precious stones in it.”

“Local birds and orchids are depicted from the designs of Indian jewelry originated from Assam. These designs are made of gold. Tribal people used to make Indian jewelry in the shape of human heads. This design originated from Nagaland.”

There is great importance of jewelry among Indian womens. They wear traditional rings and magalsutras to show their marital status. Women increase their beautifulness by the use of Indian jewelry. Indian jewelry is the major part of wardrobe of Indian women.