Why Every Woman Should Learn How To Tie A Tie


Im a woman. Why should I learn how to tie a tie?

It seems perfectly logical that a woman would never need to have this ability among her list of assets. Actually, it is one of the greatest assets a woman can have. True, theres probably never going to be a reason for you to wear a tie for yourself. That doesnt mean there wont be occasions where this talent will be desperately needed.

First of all, the majority of women are going to have mates, brothers, sons, or even best friends all of whom are males. At occasions such as weddings, any combination of these males may be required to don a tie and there are always some of them that have never had a tie on in their lives. You can quickly become a favorite family member if you are able to get these men in proper attire in time for the special event.

You may think that your significant other can take care of himself since hes been putting on his own tie for years. Sometimes things dont go right, and accidents can leave you in a bind. If you ever have the occasion of living with a man who has a cast on one arm, you will be amazed at the things he will need help with. Even if he hasnt injured his dominant hand, tying a tie without the use of both hands is simply impossible. At least, for the average male.

Then theres the prospect of having sons. Again, you shouldnt always assume that your significant other will be able to take care of your sons accessorizing needs. If there are to be only two social events in one years time, you can bet that Murphys Law will schedule them at the same time. If you know how to tie a tie ahead of time, there wont be any panic when the time comes.

There is always a possibility that you could end up in a field of employment where being able to tie a tie will play an important role. As a department store clerk in the mens department, I quickly saw the need to learn this talent for my job. Between the diagrams the store supplied and with the help of a co-worker, I easily learned the technique. It is much easier to sell a tie to someone who cant tie their own tie if you can tie it for them.

It isnt that women dont already have enough responsibilities. Sometimes it is just a real convenience to be able to help out in a pinch. If you dont have someone who can show you how to tie a tie, then its probably even more important for you to learn yourself. Just get a video that demonstrates with step-by-step directions. Think of it as making yourself indispensable to your man!