Garment Labels A Designer


There is hardly any garment business that does not use labels for their clothes. All of them, no matter how small business it is, use garment labels as an identification mark. Specially for budding designers, a label is much more important. There are so many cases of design stealing and copying that most designers never let out a creation without their brand label. Nicely woven or embroidered labels can save a number of mudslinging cases between designers that takes place due to petty issues.

Get your own Label

With labels gaining so much importance, their manufacturers are also paying special attention to produce high-quality labels. Not just quality, some apparel brands and leading fashion designers also want to use creative labels. It helps them create a unique identity for themselves. Besides the top league of well-known fashion designers, there are many of them who are doing good work, but are struggling to be as popular. Their creations go to a number of stores and are sold with name tapes of the store. Having a garment label of their own can make them instantly popular among the direct buyers of their products.

Customize it for Instant Recognition

Garment labels are available in a variety of materials and designs. The shape remains more or less the same for all of them, but there can be multiple variations in the material and prints. What a designer wants on the label is completely his call. You can be as creative as you want. Bulk label producers will give a lot of options to choose from. They also produce customized designs as long as your requirement suits their scale of production. If you have sufficient requirement, you can also design a label yourself and then find the right label producer to produce them in bulk.

Embroidered labels have become quite popular in the recent times. They are beautiful to look at, convenient to be attached to different garment materials, and are easy to produce. Besides carrying the designer”s or the brand”s name, they also contain important information about the piece of garment, like the size, fabric, and washing directions. Another popular variation is that of sparkling labels. They contain sparkling text or symbol and can vary in shape and size. Other types of labels are digital and printed ones. Before you settle on a label for yourself, make sure you are familiar with all the major types.

If you are planning to launch your own line of clothing, a unique label can do the trick for you. It will make sure that store owners and your buyers recognize you and your creations. Choose from a variety of garment labels, like woven labels, embroidered labels, sparkling labels, digital labels, printed labels, and customized labels. Pick thoughtfully as it would be associated with your brand for a long time.