Garment Steamer Maintenance Tips


The cleaning procedure below is recommended as a regular maintenance measure to help your steamer maintain its maximum steaming performance.
You will want to perform this maintenance about every three to six months depending on your supply of water. If your garment steamer is severely clogged, it will require that it be disassembled in order to prolong the life of the steamer.
An authorized repair center or a steamer service technician best performs this disassembling process.
1. Remove the hose from the garment steamer. Pour out any water that might be left in your unit.
2. The hose could be blocked by sediment build up–in this case use a water hose. This should loosen any buildup inside the hose.
3. Clean the internal parts of the unit with some type of garment steamer cleaner. This cleaner is acid based so it will remove the hard water deposits as well as the sediment build-up.
4. Fill the unit with 1 gallon of water and add at least 10 ounces of your acid based cleaner. Turn the steamer on to preheat so that the water solution has to warm.
5. Once the preheat cycle is complete, turn the unit off . Allow the water and cleaning solution to remain in the steamer for about two to three hours. Make sure that you do not steam while the solution is inside as this could damage the unit.
6. Remove the cleaning solution from the unit. do this by simply tipping the steamer over and pouring the solution out where the hose fits.
7. rinse thoroughly with fresh water a few times.
8. If discolored water is still present from the steamer, it may require this process being repeated.
9. Contact you garment steamer specialist for further instructions or questions.