Using A Procedure The Garment Can Be Embedded With Attractive Iron-on Patches


The iron-on patches are available in several forms such as skull patches, army patches, rainbow patches, music patches, butterfly patches, etc. Iron-on applique is a tiny ornament or device that can be embedded onto the surface of another element. It is a single thing and in the ceramics, a piece of clay is added to the initial piece of ceramic clay. The addition of the piece is done to enhance the decoration. The ripping of cloth is fixed by sewing the rip patch to the main garment. This is otherwise called as patch work.

In the case of sewing context, applique represents certain needle work where several pieces of fabric are stitched onto another cloth. The embroidery and sewing of little pieces of fabric onto the cloth is done to generate designs, pictures and patterns on the fabric. The technique is done not just to create a design on the cloth but, to allow the pattern to be seen from a long distance like a banner. An instance for this technique can be represented by Hastings embroidery.

The significant art form popular at the places like Benin and Abomey; in the kingdom of Danhome in 18th century is termed as applique art form. The art form is beneficial mostly in quilting. The iron-on patch work or applique is utilized in constructing American quilt blocks which are traditional such as Sunbonnet Sue and Dresden Plate. The traditional quilt works like Hawaiian quilts, rally quilts of India, rally quilts of Pakistan, Broderie perse, Amish quilts, and Baltimore album quilts are known to have made use of the technique of applique.

The embedded pieces are usually attached to the main garment by straight stitch, statin stitch, and reverse applique technique. The modern techniques of embroidery design are stitched using special programs. These programs allow the user to make use of two threads with two different colors. The fabric that has to be embroidered and the background fabric are fixed on one another under the hoop of the machine. When the program is executed, a light basting stitch on both the fabrics is made by the machine.

Applique refers to the use of fabric shapes and designs to trim the garment. The design can be glued or sewn. The application of the applique on the garment is done on the table top. Let the table top be covered with a terry towel first. Then the fabric to be embedded with applique is placed on the towel. The patch is placed on the fabric and a cloth or Teflon sheet are placed on the applique. Iron is brought to high temperature and placed on the Teflon sheet on the patch. It is not moved for 25 to 30 seconds. The adhesive on the back of the iron-on patch will mingle with the fabric.