Pacific Pearl Shell Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

Pacific Pearl shell, or Mother of Pearl, is a true treasure of the deep and is absolutely stunning when polished and carved. It has layers of gold or black through the silver/white pearl which seem to shift and swirl around as the carvings are turned. Pacific Pearl Shell Jewelry comes in gold lipped or black lipped varieties which often reach 10 inches or more in diameter. Pearl is almost as hard as jade so is a wonderful long lasting material intricate carvings.

Due to the wide range of coloration and layer formation in the shell, it is impossible for two pieces to ever be the same. The carvings also often look totally different on each side. Colours are therefore indicative only and may vary considerably between carvings. Please note that due to the relatively thin nature of pearl shell in general and black pearl shell in particular, larger carvings may be quite flat on the back.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to an extreme shortage of gold lipped pearl shell worldwide, many designs are now in very limited supply.