Tips To Fashionably Match Pearl Jewelry To Wardrobe And Skin Tone

Pearl Jewelry

Matching your pearl jewelry to certain factors like wardrobe and skin tone may seem quite confusing for some. Yes there are times when we just cant make up our minds, most especially when the subject is our own appearance. Well then this article is guaranteed to aid you to match your pearl jewelry to your skin tone and clothing.

Pearls and Wardrobe

When matching your pearl jewelry to your wardrobe it is essential that you ponder on the following questions:
What is your lifestyle?
What type of clothing do you wear and what colors do you prefer?
What type pf pearl jewelry will best suit the clothes that you wear?
Do you wear mostly casual or corporate attire?

1.If you are the modern woman of the world who competes with men in the business arena, wear high quality perfectly round pearls. These luxurious pieces look best in business or formal attires and will certainly complement your elegance and sophistication. Add a classic pearl circle pin or gold and a pearl brooch.

2.Accessorize with classic round pearls if you are wearing formal gowns. These pearls are suitable for garments like these. Keep in mind to pick the right size and color of pearls.

3.For cocktail parties or high fashion events, take out your long length pearl necklaces combined with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. This will create a high-end fashion statement.

4.Your daytime casual wear requires a softer look. Wear a single-strand necklace with moderate-sized pearls in modest lengths. This type of pearl jewelry is definitely fitting for this attire.

5.Try mixing different pearl necklaces together to match your outfit. You just have to remember the rule of opposites. If you are wearing something with a lighter hue, wear a dark-shaded pearl necklace such as purple, champagne or blue.

Pearls and Skin Tone

When you are buying pearl jewelry, most especially necklaces, it will be best to base your choice on the color of the skin tone of the person it is intended for.

6.Matching a pearl jewelry to light skinned women is a very easy undertaking. Fair-skinned ladies have a big range of color choices. They can go for white and pink, yet at the same time will look good in purple and green. However, they should avoid wearing black pearls. This type of pearl will make you look way older than your age. The classic creamy-pinkish white is very flattering for lighter skin tones.

7.If you possess that exotic dark skin, choose white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones. Silver and gold colored pearls will add glow to your skin. Choose a piece of pure pearl jewelry or pearls interspersed with other shiny materials. A demure strand of pearl necklace embellished with small sized diamonds is just the accessory for you.

8.Generally, dark-colored and gray colored pearls give a striking effect on all skin types.

You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. You just have to learn the techniques of mix-matching. You can try the tips you have just learned, or you can browse further for more of our amazing and super surefire tips.