Pearls In Oysters The Most Unique Pearl Gifts

Pearl Jewelry

Down through the ages, women have adorned themselves with some of the most magnificent natural gems, the pearls. The versatility of this wonder gem is not only attributed to its unrivaled luster, but also its unique blending ability with any kind of attire, and with women of any age.

Pearls in oysters are so unusual and rare that it not only creates a memory that lasts forever, but also people use them as valuable family heirlooms. The recipient will always remember the moment when he or she opened the oyster and found the pearl and with the sense of pride to possess a Pearl Oyster. There are some eminent pearls wholesalers offer live oysters with pearls inside, pearl in oyster pendants, wish pearl and love pearl necklace kits online, for incredibly low prices. Customers get the largest variety to choose from, so as to make their own keepsake pearl necklaces. The experience is not only thrilling for an oyster opening party but also unforgettable.

The unique offerings from these pearl wholesalers include:

Wish Pearl Kit: This makes a beautiful presentation, and includes a Wish Pearl can, a base metal cage and a sterling silver necklace.
Love Pearl in Oyster Can: It has a simple peel-back lid, and inside is a LIVE oyster holding a REAL pearl. It is said that one can make a wish, and the color of the pearl one finds can bring them luck – a white pearl signifies wisdom, a cream pearl is for success, peach for health, and purple for wealth.
Luxurious Accessory: Pearls in the half shell are available for a stunning display. These natural beauties are edged with silver and are inlaid with a cluster of cultured pearls which are beautifully trimmed.
Star Pendant: Starfish pendants are perfect for a child, with their pearl in oyster settings surrounded by 18 carat gold. Any child would be fascinated by this unique gift that exhibits the wonderful creation of Mother Nature.
Leaf Pendant: The stunning leaf pendant with pearls imbedded in the oyster shell and surrounded by gold complements any outfit, especially if strung on a matching gold chain. Each piece is distinctive and unlike the next because of its naturalness.
Diamond Pendant: Diamond shaped mother of pearl pendants have pearls inside that one can see; these go great with a pair of cluster earrings.
Flower Pendant: Flower shaped pendants with pearls just under the surface make great gifts.

All these pearl pendants are filled with 18 carat gold, and contain real pearl that one can see through the natural oyster shell.