Prom Jewelry Sets Fit For A Queen


A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the perfect prom jewelry sets . From head to toe, you primp and prod, making sure that everything from your manicure to your hair is just right. Your prom jewelry is critical to completing the outfit and pulling your look together. Ideally, your jewelry will be like the icing on the cake, adding to the glam factor of your dress.

The best starting point when choosing your jewelry is to think about two things: your dress and your hair. These two things will dictate the type and style of jewelry that you wear.

The dress With a myriad of style options from which to choose, finding the perfect dress can sometimes be daunting. Once youve got it, accessorizing is the fun part. If you choose a simple black or monochrome dress, then you have the freedom to be bold with your accessories. Large chunky crystal necklaces, bold printed bangles or large beads give a great focal point to an otherwise average look. Up the style quotient with a multi-strand long beaded pearl necklace. Add a matching statement cocktail ring for added glam.

If your dress is covered in sequins, or beads, keep jewelry simple and sparkly, such as a pair of delicate drop earrings. For lace dresses, vintage or art deco pieces look fabulous and chic. Try a pair of stunning chandelier earrings or a jeweled choker to complete your look. Be careful not to wear jewelry that may snag or catch on threads from your dress.

The hair Sometimes, your hair style may be a deciding factor in what type of prom jewelry you wear. If you’re wearing your hair up and you have a strapless or one-shoulder dress, draw attention to your collarbone with a pair of great earrings or a short necklace. If youre going for au natural hair, earrings may get lost, so think about pulling hair to one side, or wearing a half up-do that will showcase your great gems.