Spring – Adorn Yourself With Cololful Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

There is no other gem jewelry can compare pearl jewelry that brings vision impact by its big size and soft luster. Among beautiful pearl jewelry, those mixing different color pearls into one piece are more noticeable and have a kind of casual style.

Multicolor pearl jewelry can also be very deceptive. We all know that making a matching pearl jewelry is a difficult thing. We need to find the exactly matching pearls in size, overtone, surface quality, and most importantly color. Since multicolor pearl jewelry is composed of different color pearls, people will think that color matching in multicolor pearl jewelry wouldnt be as important as in single color pearl jewelry. That is totally wrong!

A top grade multicolor pearl jewelry also needs to take color into account. Sometimes, it even requires more on every aspect of pearls quality. Follow steps below to choose a multicolor pearl jewelry:

1. Multicolor pearl strand
With limited budget, you can choose multicolor small pearls strand. Small pearls make multicolor pearl strand a fabulous effect. Handcraft becomes a key factor of the look of the jewelry. Top handcraft can make every pearl indispensable on the piece, just like ShecyPearls triple-strand necklace 1012T-FMF62.

If you are looking for a single stand multicolor pearl necklace, the harmony of pearl color is very important. ShecyPearls 1014S-FMR96 multicolor freshwater pearl necklace includes different colors of freshwater pearls but they are all warm color and reflect a kind of peach pink overtone. This harmony is another valuable factor which choosing a good quality necklace.

2. Multicolor pearl earrings, ring and pendant
Multicolor pearl jewelry like earrings, ring and pendant puts more value on the harmony of style, gemstone, precious metal and pearls. A good combination of design, metal, gemstone and pearls make a vivid expression for designers idea and also for your personal style.
Shecys 4067-TMR106 south sea pearl pendant carries elegance and feminine. A deep-V banquet dress will be its perfect partner.

In this 5097-KMR66 akoya pearl ring, Shecys designer mixes three colors of akoya pearls with diamond and white gold. It is a little bit lively but not as exaggerative as a cocktail ring. It can be an extension of your flower dress in spring.

You may also need a serious jewelry for your office time. Then Shecy 3063-FMF6111 could be good choice. Black and white combination is classic office color, dangling design enhance easy mood.

No matter what pearl color combination you would choose, always bear in mind that quality is rule number one. Circumstance of wearing the jewelry and outfit are all factors you should always consider.