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Basic necessities, clothing the first place. Particularly as China has a population of 1.3 billion, apparel will always belong to sunrise industries. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more of the clothing is high, due to the upgrading of garment products faster time, so the cake will be the apparel market growing.

HC screen Special Indian network Causes the population of China is the world’s largest Clothing Consumer, but also the world’s largest apparel producer, high-speed development in the past I have 30 years, Textile Clothing exports played a significant role, but the current imbalance in China’s clothing industry, mainly in the southeast coastal provinces, such as: Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Shanghai and other places, their production accounts for 80% of clothing more market share. Compared to central and western regions of the garment industry is relatively backward.rd.

Textile and apparel industry predicament three “crimes”

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China is the world’s largest consumer of clothing, but also the world’s largest garment producer, but the overall development of China’s garment industry is very uneven. Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces of the southeast coast of products account for more than 80% market share. The central and western regions of the garment industry is still very backward. Competition among apparel companies to stay in the price, style and other aspects of competition in terms of the apparel industry for now, basically at the stalemate in the state in recent years, both brands, channels and Marketing Have not changed, but in the next decade, as consumers mature, the market environment changes, China’s garment industry will face restructuring and upgrading. In the adjustment and upgrading, we start to talk to troubled industries or the development of three “crimes.”

“Crime” increasing pressure for a stock

Relevant departments, according to statistics, if the now discontinued all of our apparel business, then add up all the various enterprises was also enough to sell all the stocks on the two years. Clothing enterprises bigger increase along with the cost of warehouse stock. Sell Is several times that, but the book did not increase the cash.

Textile and apparel industry predicament three “crimes”

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Some people say: If all of the clothing enterprises in China now are discontinued, the Chinese do not need to worry about without clothing. Now all the companies together also have enough inventory sold in the market for two years. Big clothing companies, and is often accompanied by sharp increases in the cost of storage. Enterprise sales several times that, on account growth in the number of cash Quemo. No wonder many employers say their hard-earned for one year, are run go a warehouse.

Reasons: At present, China garment stock causes the problem is not sales, not logistics, but the brand management issues. 50 garment enterprises in China?? 60% of the irrational stock, not from production and inventory management, but from business owners have not paid much attention to brand mismanagement.

1, market positioning refined enough. Enterprises do not conduct in-depth market research and segmentation, but no difference in the implementation of marketing blindly “great unified strategy”, that do sell a suit to put the suit and the men can wear suits and do all of the skirt Women’s put the sale to all the beauty of the girl! Mighty force in a market melee, so melee can have several companies do not stock it?

2, product is not differentiated. Instead of market segmentation, product homogeneity serious clothing enterprises, most of similar products between enterprises, lack of product development, R D direction is not clear, resulting in flat sales, inventory naturally exists.

3, brand positioning is not clear. Brand no style, no culture, no clear concept, that is to follow suit, what’s hot in the market do, the results were the same clothes we do, and the face of fierce competition in stock market came naturally.

4, lack of brand culture. With some of the brand positioning, but also with the concept, but not outstanding personality and cultural meaning is not clear, resulting in brand culture homogenization, the homogenization of the loss of the appeal and brand value, brand competition and reduced product competition, and since Product no difference, of course, stocks can not be avoided.

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